A first-of-its-kind games and events venture.

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We are building a community of game lovers in Hong Kong through open board game socials and other events.

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We design and curate games-centric experiences for corporate team-building events and private parties.

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We bring in a world beyond games through thematic educational workshops to inspire learning through play.

Growing the games community in Hong Kong.


We're building a community through events that cater to games lovers across experience levels and game genres. Come to our monthly open Board Game Socials to play your first game, learn a new one or replay one of your favorites while meeting new friends. Join our Workshops to learn specific games or play with other enthusiasts. Attend an Idea Jam to meet aspiring game designers looking for players to test their prototypes.

PSHK Board Game Social

Putting games at the heart of a social experience.


Bring people together over games in an event tailor-made just for you and your group. Infuse games into a large-scale event or conference to get people excited and start conversations. Throw in a friendly games competition among your team to win points and take home unique prizes through our prize sponsor network. Showcase talents you never knew your friends had with a private games day. 

PSHK x Bread & Beast
PSHK Private Party

Explore a whole new world through games.


Go beyond the board and into a wider world that games can open the door to. Learn about board game history, trivia and design elements through our Tricks of the Trade series. Check out our Games+ Workshops for informative talks on interesting topics plus playthroughs of thematically related games. Hear about the latest trends and developments with our State of the Industry talks, led by toy and games industry insiders.

PSHK GS Games Social

Socials. Events. Games.


Our event space has a collection of over 120 board games of all shapes and sizes and a flexible venue configuration that can be customized to meet your event needs. Our 350 square feet space hosts 25 people comfortably, and the projector and chalkboard wall make this a perfect space to organize team-building social events.

The Press Start team can offer our event planning services to create a games-centric event to best suit your group, with various formats available, and we are on site to introduce, teach and facilitate. Our network of catering partners also provides food and drink to augment your event experience.


Press Start Event Venue
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