From roommates to co-founders.


There was a time, more than 10 years ago, when Wes and Vince shared a small dorm room in a boarding high school in the U.S., looking at the same computer and yelling guesses to the Family Feud online game. Then a friend taught us Go-Stop, the Korean card game, and it went on to consume our entire senior year of high school. We've never looked back.

Though we went on to college and then to corporate careers in different cities, we'd always be playing games when we got together. We started talking about new games we'd learned, new places we'd visited, new business ideas we'd come across. Then Wes moved back to Hong Kong, and we thought, "why not do something related to games?"

We started with a small collection of board games and wanted to find people to play with us. This led to our first Board Game Social, hosted at Vince's apartment, and before we knew it we were trying to cram 50 people into a small Hong Kong flat, and our friends started asking if we could plan games days and events for their colleagues and friends.

Once it got beyond the initial fun and games, we realized that there was so much more we wanted to do. With our experience in the corporate world, education and community service, we started dreaming about the role that games could play as a platform and gateway for new relationships, new learning and new ideas.

To us, #pressstarttobegin is not just the ubiquitous phrase that shares a rich history with games; we're only just beginning to explore this whole new world through, with and beyond games.


Press Start Vince and Wes