Making learning fun again.

There is a popular Chinese saying that depresses us: "戲無益" (play is not good). In recent decades, games and play have been seen as mutually exclusive to learning and education. And that should not be the case.

The recent interest in gamification has seen just a shallow adoption of game-like aspects into education. Badges, leaderboards, points and avatars do not themselves make a fun experience, but rather just a more colorful version of homework. We are out to change that.

Gamification 2.0 is our interpretation of games in education: infusing games into education, and infusing education into games. Beyond just borrowing simple concepts from games, we believe that the key to a fruitful and immersive learning experience is to make it fun.

So we build fun game experiences, and then we build learning experiences around them to unlock the full potential of games.


Game design thinking


Whether for a special product and game design workshop or a semester-long immersive subject-linked project, we work with schools to create special projects where students design games out of the subjects they learn, integrating game design, design thinking, systems thinking and academic learning.

Students will go through an entire design cycle, from inspiration and ideation to prototyping and iteration, crystallizing their ideas through playtests, before readying their prototypes to play with their peers.

We have run extensive programs with The Harbour School, Vanke Meisha Academy (Shenzhen), Asia Society Hong Kong, SCAD, and more.

Curriculum design


We create and modify games to form the core of a fun educational program, then build learning experiences and workshop assignments around them. In these workshops we invite students to join in on the creation journey, so no two experiences are the same.

This highly customized and engaging form of curriculum design fuses games into academic programs and multidisciplinary curricula.

Our "Play & Write" workshop series, co-developed by Elephant Community Press, has won rave reviews from students and parents alike.



Custom game design


For an even more unique experience, we work with schools and educational institutions to custom-design board and card games and game experiences from scratch to suit their educational needs.

These are consultancy-type engagements, starting with our team understanding the focus subject area before identifying sub-themes and topics to design a game around. Prototyping and playtesting are essential, together with art direction and manufacturing.

"Tastemakers: The Fashion Buying Game", developed for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Institute of Textiles and Clothing, is our first major foray.


Innovation bootcamps


Adapted from our popular and acclaimed "innovating through play" programs for corporate clients, our innovation bootcamps are bite-sized, game-focused workshops on design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We run hackathons and competitions, ideation sessions and design thinking training for students to teach entrepreneurship and business strategy, all facilitated through Proto, our innovation storytelling game.

Besides running student programs, we have also run education hackathons for organizations like the Jockey Club Youth EDcubator Program.


Teacher training


We run instructional seminars and hands-on workshops on gamification, learning through play and game-based curriculum and program design, to promote innovation in education.

Possibilities include a history and development of games, examples of game-based learning from around the world, game design principles, hands-on design experiences, and case studies from our own curriculum and program design work.

We have partnered with renowned institutions like VTC and organizations like Ednovators, and we also work with individual schools and school groups on teacher training. 


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